What Were These People Thinking? (53+ Pics)

Saw These Girls At Ikea. What Were They Thinking? source Saw This Woman Getting A Better View Of The Eclipse source How To Look Very Stupid source I Don’t Think My Mom Understands How Her Rice Cooker Works source Wasn’t His Time source They Are So Clever Woman At Station Using Gasoline To Clean Bumper […]

40+ Photos Of Product Packaging That Will Seriously Infuriate You

Packaging waste equals to about one-third of all trash, costing governments billions of dollars each year in disposal expenses. Bored Panda has collected a set of images, proving this huge contributor to the global waste crisis could be reduced significantly. Packaging solutions often become the subjects of heated debates. While the eco-minded consumers want it […]

45+ Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans

The beauty of cartoons is that the characters can be whatever the cartoonist wants them to be. Animals are a favourite, but there are also robots, cars, food, even sponges. The possibilities are endless! But what happens if we want to give our favourite non-human characters a human face? Compiled in a list by Bored […]