This Woman Was Forced To Be The First To Get College Education In Japan, And It Changed Her Country Forever

In 1868 Japan embarked on the Meiji period, which led its previously isolated society to modernize and have a much greater connection with the wider world. This period delivered fundamental changes to the country’s social structure, economy, foreign relations and education. During these times, diplomatic voyages like the Iwakura Mission became possible. The mission’s goal […]

This Man Quit His Aeronautical Job To Travel The World And Here Is How His Notebooks Look Like

Even today, a lot of people carry around notebooks filled with daily reminders, significant dates, thoughts, and other important information. But there’s an artist who uses notebooks to make amazing art. Jose Naranja creates breath-taking and well-thought-out notebooks from scratch. They are filled with astonishing hand-drawn illustrations and notes. His notebooks are mesmerizing works of […]